The Other Side

There is another side a part of the doctors who are looking at money. But money solely. These doctors we consider them be called by the dark side. I know of the existence of glamorous parties and get-togethers, made available by medical medicines. Seminars like this invite many doctors from all over the world. They don’t really say it out […]

Making a Mistake

Never in my wildest dreams have I thought this would have such an impact on me, but losing a patient is horrible. I cannot sleep of it. I should not be emotionally attached, but we are still people. There is nothing we can do about that. Fortunate the people who have passed away under my watch were people who were […]

Future of Hospitals

I have always ben fascinated by the many hospitals across the world. What does the audience find interesting and what do they think is the least important factor. Market research is such an important subject but unfortunately not used by many. When something is successful, why change it right? Well because the world is always evolving and changing around us. […]